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Joel Robuchon Restaurant in Las Vegas

Experience a Passion for Perfection at Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand Las Vegas

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Joel Robuchon Restaurant in Las Vegas
Explore the concept of an epicurean adventure, your guides are well informed, extremely attentive and as you get to know them have a passion for food that runs very deep. The staff at Joel Robuchon are simply regular people creating an experience that is difficult to reproduce. Imagine your favorite sports team on a ten game winning streak; consider your favorite pair of jeans or the simplicity of a pleasant and genuine smile. The intangibles make those things perfect, as does the Joel Robuchon experience.

Fine French Cuisine at Joel Robuchon Las Vegas

Location: MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas
3799 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702.891.7925

Wine Spectator Grad Award - 2010
Wine List: Burgundy, Bordeaux, California
Wine Selection: 1900
Bottles: 6200

2009 Three Star Michelin Rated Restaurant

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Cuisine at Joel Robuchon Restaurant at the MGM Grand Las Vegas: French

Reservations at Joel Robuchon Restaurant at the MGM Grand Las Vegas: Required

Price Range at Joel Robuchon Restaurant at the MGM Grand Las Vegas: Expensive

Hours at Joel Robuchon Restaurant at the MGM Grand Las Vegas:
Open 7 days a week
Open Daily for Dinner

Attire: Business Casual

What it’s like at Joel Robuchon Restaurant at the MGM Grand Las Vegas?

If you break down the experience to its simplest form you can toss out the obvious adjectives of fancy fine dining. That should be a given. But the truth is you want to share it with others and you would start with the staff. Everyone is on a roll, each and every member of that staff is having a good day, they all bring their A-game and each are genuinely smiling and excited to see how you enjoy what they are doing. They are not just delivering food to your table, they are an intrinsic part of your evening, not overbearing but an accent that adds to the atmosphere and equates to a quality experience. Read an interview with Joel Robuchon

The dining room is elegant and posh while adorned with a certain flair that exudes fine dining. You’ll certainly feel like you should keep your coat on while eating but not because it’s pretentious, instead the overall feel is that of a special night out.

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How’s the food at Joel Robuchon Restaurant at the MGM Grand Las Vegas?
If you enjoy food, you could easily describe Joel Robuchon as perfect and leave it at that. You would walk in, have a few courses and consider any explanation of your eating experience superfluous and count down the days until you would once again be seated with a masterpiece before you.

The truth is a simple definition would fit dishes that seemingly are as simple. However, the simplicity that seems to be served is precisely why so much can be said about the food at Joel Robuchon. As Chef Joel Robuchon told me, “You can’t fool people”

The meal begins with Caviar on a fennel cream topping a crab and lobster surprise. The dish introduces your palate to the salt and the sweet, like a delectable early summer candy by the seashore. The combination of three ingredients set the tone for your meal as each flavor stands alone yet together create a rhythm to your delight. At this point I could explain that the bread cart, that makes its way around the restaurant, and outfitted with freshly baked treats will help you through the time between courses, but I would much rather you be surprised by the taste of the organic butter. You realize, that every detail is considered at Joel Robuchon.

The meal moves on to Le Zephyr au Fromage, a cheese lovers wicked fantasy where the dish consists of a finely crafted creamy cheese soufflé-flan served with warm truffle coulis. There are times when dishes are intriguing to me and I search for the right words. The cheese and the truffles, they dance around in my mouth and the flavors never quite speak to me. That is not to say that the flavors were not good, it’s just that as I continued to eat they fascinated me, and I was simply eating and tasting. I was simply eating and enjoying the dish. Simply, indulging in two flavors.

The wine pairings are precisely selected to enhance the subtle and not so subtle flavors of each of the dishes. When you consider a meal, the wine, the service, you must include the personalities of the staff that make your experience deliciously delightful. I mention the word simple but I must stress that Joel Robuchon is about the simple details. While it is not a simple procedure to get it right, they just so happen to have everyone working to get it right. Robuchon explained it to me, “they are motivated to work in this environment, it’s all about excellence and quality.”

As the meal moves forward I feel a strong urge to lean over and kiss my wife, perhaps it’s the wine, most likely the food or the passion with which each dish is laced with. La Chatigne, a light chestnut crème with smoked lardons foam, is divine. There is a slight nutty flavor combined with a silky crème covered lardon bit that houses just enough of that smoky feeling that taps your taste buds to come to attention.

If the world was perfect this creamy liquid would be my ideal comfort food balanced with too much bread and butter.

Much to my surprise the meal only gets better as Le Turbot is placed before me with baby spinach and wasabi flavored artichoke and a bearnaise emulsion. The crispy fish is fluffy and flaky with a texture that holds it together as it is about to be devoured and a flavor that is reminiscent of butter flavored potato chips. Attempt to add the artichoke and the fish seems to swim against the current and enhances the flavor and then add the béarnaise and you have achieved the bliss that is the Robuchon experience.

You might sense that the description is far from simple but the truth is you rarely feel the food is overworked or over manipulated, instead you share a connection with the chef and his ability to maintain the incredible flavors of the very best ingredients available while preparing food at the highest level. There is indeed a passion for perfection.

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