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Hussong’s Cantina Las Vegas

Less Ice, More Tequila! at Hussong's Las Vegas

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If you have ever spent any time at the Hussongs in Ensenada, Mexico, you might have some preconceived ideas running around your head. Well, before you continue with that craziness you have to realize the Hussong’s Las Vegas is in the U.S. Somethings you just can’t get away with North of the border. However, that does not mean that the atmosphere has changed all that much, you just won’t get the activities that border on illegal but you’ll still get the fun.

Location: Mandalay Place
Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino Las Vegas 3930 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702-533-0123

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Cuisine at Hussong’s Las Vegas: Mexican

Reservations at Hussong’s Las Vegas: Not Required - suggested

Price Range at Hussong’s Las Vegas: $6 - $16 per entree

Hours at Hussong’s Las Vegas:
Open 7 days a week
Open Daily for Lunch, Dinner and Late Night.

Attire: Casual

What it’s like at Hussong’s Las Vegas?

If you are at the bar the Margritas are on the rocks and poured like they are down south. Strong and tasty! Beer by the bucket and plenty of people having a good time while the music plays on and the noise level gets to celebration levels. Did I mention the Mariachi? Two Margaritas and you’ll be belting out a tune or two.

Lunch and early dinner will be somewhat subdued so don’t fret if you are not the type who enjoys a slammer or two with a complete stranger of the opposite sex. The room is casual with a sense that a party will be busting out soon, but with the control that allows you to have a good, inexpensive meal.

How’s the food at Hussong’s Las Vegas?
Hussong’s Cantina and Taqueria is precisely what you would be craving after an evening of staying out late and then sleeping in until lunch. Personally, a place where I can get quality chips, salsa and guacamole along with a beer or Margarita should be walking distance whenever I am on vacation. How does one live without the basics?

Casual Mexican cuisine with a slant to the fun you find in Mexico is what you’ll find at Hussong’s Las Vegas. There's an atmosphere that reminds me of my late teens and early twenties when drink was more important than food, at Hussong's Las Vegas they have turned the tables and are introducing the culinary side of the Ensenada Cantina.

The food is authentic, simple and best of all inexpensive relative to what you’ll find on the Las Vegas strip.

What you should try at Hussong’s Las Vegas:

  • Guacamole – I know I should not mention a condiment but salsa and guacamole can transform a meal. The salsa is fresh and the citrus in the guacamole will have you overloading on chips and putting it in on everything you order.
  • Elote Plazero – This is a MUST. You’ll never have an appetizer that transforms your idea of simple again. It’s as if the Chef and I walked home from elementary school together everyday. We each would buy a corn on the cob from the street vendor. We would enjoy it as we made our way home. Then, we grew up, the chef clearly worked his culinary magic and transformed an everyday treat into a taste bud altering item on a menu and I, well, all I do is write about it.
  • Sopes – These small circular pieces of fried masa serve as a tiny serving platter for chicken, pork or steak. I truly enjoyed the pork carnitas and I of course added a bit more salsa and guacamole.
  • The Soups – I tried both the Albondigas and the Pozole. I cannot wait to sneak back in there and feast on a super large bowl of Pozole. I have had my share of this soup of guajillo and tomato broth, hominy and pork topped with cabbage and I would be pressed to say that I have had a better version. My father-in-law claims to have the best Pozole on the planet and I think it’s because he has not tried Chef Noe Alcala’s version.
  • Tacos – The shrimp tacos worked very well for me and I’ll be adding them to my regular rotation of things to snack on while roaming the strip. However, if you have never had a Chicharon taco you need to order a beer and indulge in some pork rinds!
  • Chimichanga – I should confess that I did not have this dish, however, two people that I respect as foodies in Las Vegas practically banished me for not trying the deep fried burrito. I will, but, I must mention that they thought they were a splendid choice.
  • Nachos – You can build your own nachos, the reason I mention this is simply because if you are in the mood for a Margarita, why not sit at the bar and grab yourself a heaping portion of chips with cheese and jalapenos and beans and guacamole and…well, you get the idea.

Desserts at Hussong's Las Vegas: Before you opt away from the tomatillo salsa on the fried dulce de leche ice cream topped with fruit pico de gallo, ask yourself, “Don’t you deserved to be surprised?” The Churros are sugary and the Sopapillas are light and sweet, in fact they are both very good, but they don’t compare to the fried ice cream.

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