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Tetsu at ARIA Las Vegas

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Tetsu at Aria Las Vegas
Tetsu at Aria Las Vegas
Tetsu at ARIA Las Vegas

Upon walking in to the wide open space at Bar Masa you might feel like you have lost the intimacy of a special meal in Las Vegas and then you realize that you get to step into the more intimate Tetsu which is set off to the side of Chef Masa Takayama’s Bar Masa. You might be sharing a table with a few new found friends at the Teppan station but this is an experience that will change your perception of show kitchens. The art of food is on display at Tetsu and you will not get the flashy chef juggling sharp knifes. Instead you get some impressive ingredients that are crafted before your eyes with detailed explanations of the techniques and the ingredients.

I’ll suggest you enjoy some Sake as you watch your meal being prepared and I‘ll also tell you that it’s ok to drool just a little bit.


Location: Tetsu Las Vegas
ARIA Las Vegas
3730 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 877-230-2742

See Tetsu at ARIA Las Vegas website

Cuisine: Teppan Grill

Reservations: recommended

Price Range: Expensive

Dinner Thursday - Tuesday 5:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.


Attire: Business Casual

What to Expect at Tetsu at ARIA Las Vegas:
You’re seated in front of a cooking station where you r meal comes to life. It encourages you to get the complete sensory experience. You glance around to see what others are having. You make small talk with the server. You meet a new or friend or two who share the table. It’s a community environment. Imagine your favorite sushi counter with significantly better ingredients and a livelier atmosphere. The sushi will blow your mind and the entrée’s will tantalize and tempt you to eat more than you should.

The chef will engage you as little or as much as you want. The scene is exactly why you go to Las Vegas. You have a few conversations. You have some sake. You laugh. You taste. You experience. As the food sizzles your senses are stimulated and your Las Vegas sensation is set.


How’s the food?
You should understand that Chef Masa Takayama does not mess around when it comes to ingredients. You just will have a hard time trying to pick out anything at Tetsu that is not of the finest grade. When you have the best ingredients and some talented people preparing the meal you can imagine that some magical stuff happens.

My problem with Tetsu is simply that it is too good to be an upscale/casual restaurant. It is a casual spot in an upscale room. I want to be able to walk in with shorts and flip flops and taste some of this amazing food. This is comfort food for the crazy foodies of the world. If you love food, flavors and unpredictability this is fabulous. I’ll have to put shoes on to have a meal here but just know that the food makes me feel so comfortable I’ll be dreaming of lounging on the couch as I have the lobster ceviche and the jalapeno octopus.

Part of Where to Eat in Las Vegas 100 Restaurants You Should Try in Las Vegas.


What you should try at Tetsu at ARIA Las Vegas:

  • Lobster Ceviche – I have been walking the strip looking for the ceviche that alters my perspective and this is it. The citrus is subtle and the lobster retains its buttery flavor. Savory, yet slightly salty. One large bowl and a beer is really all I need.
  • Sashimi – Because you are in side Bar Masa you get access to the outrageously incredible fresh fish. The Kanpachi Jalapeno is a gift from the heavens as you will find it hard to have a piece of fish that is as delicate and soothing as this.
  • Toro Caviar – If you have children you might be able to relate but if you can remember the first time your child hugged you back. The first time they wrapped their arms around your neck and really held on. That feeling of perfection. Translate that into the flavors of this Toro caviar. It feels like some greater presence came down and placed it before you and then gently fed it in to your mouth as someone played a harp in the background.
  • Wagyu Garlic Fried Rice – Yes, I’m telling you that I love the fried rice. Absolutely must have, need, will die if I don’t have it fried rice. It happens to me when I get excited about the side dish that should be ignored because everything else is so good. That is the beauty of Tetsu, they don’t forget the tiny details.
  • The giant oyster – Awestruck. I have never had an oyster of that size and then the lingering flavors after a quick sizzle were impressive.
  • The Filet – If you know marbling you can only imagine the road map of detail on this precious piece of beef that was seared to perfection, sliced and then accompanied by baby peppers, squash and kale all with a slight teppan twist.



I can also tell you that I had an enormous lobster that once again beckoned me to want to take me shoes off an dfeel some sand. Light, savory and that level of delicious that can only be described with the Hawaiian word, “Ono.” I started with a scallop that rivaled my favorite scallop from next door at Sage and the Sake reminded me that I must begin to cultivate my knowledge of the fruits of the brewing potential of rice.

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