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Scarpetta Las Vegas

Chef Scott Conant Seduces With Polenta At Scarpetta Las Vegas

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Stromboli at Scarpetta Las Vegas

Stromboli at Scarpetta Las Vegas

Photo by Zeke Quezada
Scarpetta Las Vegas Spaghetti

Scarpetta Las Vegas Spaghetti

Photo By Zeke Quezada
Spiced Duck Breast at Scarpetta Las Vegas

Spiced Duck Breast at Scarpetta Las Vegas

Photo by Zeke Quezada

Scarpetta is the adult equivalent of a kid living on ice cream, it's probably not recommended but it sure would be good. The creamy polenta is one of those dishes that cripple my ability to function. The spaghetti should not have so much action popping off that pasta. The bread basket should not be a highlight. Scarpetta Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan is dressed up enough to be a fine dining Italian restaurant but the food is very much what a good friend would be serving in his kitchen. Of course that good friend would have to be Chef Scott Conant and chances are he would not divulge the secret to the spaghetti.

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Location: Scarpetta Las Vegas at The Cosmopolitan Hotel
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: (877) 551-7772

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Cuisine at Scarpetta Las Vegas at The Cosmopolitan Hotel: Italian

Reservations at Scarpetta Las Vegas at The Cosmopolitan Hotel: Walk-ins welcome or call (877) 551-7772

Price Range at Scarpetta Las Vegas at The Cosmopolitan Hotel: Moderate to expensive

Hours at Scarpetta Las Vegas at The Cosmopolitan Hotel:
Daily – dinner from 5pm

Attire: Business casual

What it’s like at Scarpetta Las Vegas at The Cosmopolitan Hotel?

The two personalities of Scarpetta work for me as the food is the same. Looking for a causal, relaxed, get to know you meal, seek out the bar and the small booths. If you need a view, some romance and the feeling of a fine dining Las Vegas experience, then take a seat in the main dining room. You’ll get a view of the Bellagio fountains and the Las Vegas strip. I could possibly tell you that the colors and décor are worthy of a visit but the truth is that after your first dish you’ll no longer care where you are sitting and instead you’ll be focused on the flavors.

Scarpetta is a great date night spot in Las Vegas. There is just enough of a diversion to help you move the awkward conversations in the right direction and the energy in the room keeps you both on your toes while the food invites discussion. If you just met someone this is the place and if you can’t seal the deal with some Polenta, you don’t deserve to be with someone special. The food at Scarpetta Las Vegas is infused with a passion that can make any date night seem perfect.


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How’s the food at Scarpetta Las Vegas at The Cosmopolitan Hotel?
Intoxicating. Simply put the quality of your experience at Scarpetta will make you appreciate fine Italian dining. I won’t lose sight of the price tag as it is on the higher end but if you seek a meal for a special occasion this is it.


What you should try at Scarpetta Las Vegas at The Cosmopolitan Hotel:


  • The Bread Basket – How elementary of me to mention a bread basket when discussing the food at Scarpetta Las Vegas. It is a must do, open it up and find that stromboli and rejoice in the flavors of mozzarella and salami.
  • Roasted Sea Scallops – At times I can be ashamed at how well I eat this is truly a slice of the good life. Celery root puree, caramelized apple, it is a dressed up approach to a scallop but very well done. I could pop one of these in my mouth every few seconds for my entire meal.
  • Creamy Polenta – Fricassee of Truffled Mushrooms – It's creamy, it's buttery, it's slightly cheesy and the combination of mushrooms gives you the best of two worlds. There is no way polenta should taste this good. If I could recreate this dish I would sit on street corners and sell it by the Dixie cup. I’d be filthy rich and have a harem.
  • Spaghetti – Tomato and Basil – The spaghetti is alright, that is if you like to be mocked. You think you can recreate the flavors but it's impossible. It's aggravating that something so delicious and so simple can seem impossible to recreate. I almost cannot have it again, but I’m going to, over and over again. The secret is in the basil.
  • Black Cod – Caramelized Fennel and Concentrated Tomato – Crispy, slightly briny skin will taste like a fried chip of the sea. The fish flakes off into your mouth followed by the sweet flavors of the tomato.
  • Spiced Duck Breast – Fregalo Sardo, Parsnips, Toasted Almonds – The toasted almonds crunch just the right amount as the duck dissipates on your tongue.


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