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RiRa Irish Pub Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Hotel

Whiskey and Beers in An Authentic Irish Pub

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RiRa Irish Pub Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Hotel
Ordering a pint at an Irish Pub is reason enough to visit RiRa. Ordering it from an Irishman who is having such a good time he might sit down and drink with you is why you really should go to RiRa. The concept of authentic is taken to another level and if you ask around RiRa Irish Pub you’ll soon find out that the bar, the walls, a few chairs and the decorations seem to have made their way across the Atlantic just to make the experience better for you. Since they went through all the trouble you might as well have a few drinks with a few of your new friends.

Location: RiRa Irish Pub Las Vegas
The Shops at Mandalay Place
Mandalay Bay Hotel Las Vegas
3930 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Phone: 702.632.7771

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Cuisine at RiRa Irish Pub Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Hotel: Pub food and drinks

Reservations for RiRa Irish Pub Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Hotel: Not required

Price Range at RiRa Irish Pub Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Hotel: inexpensive to moderate

Hours at RiRa Irish Pub Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Hotel:
Open daily for lunch and dinner.

Attire: Casual

What it’s like at RiRa Irish Pub Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Hotel?
You’ll go there because there is more than one place to drink. The bar area is fun but then you’ll realize there is a second bar and a salon and a back room and the experience seems to be just a little different in every spot. It is the type of place where you think you could sit around and watch a game all day. Yes, you can have a comfortable meal here as well while sampling some of their Irish Whiskey

How’s the food at RiRa Irish Pub Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Hotel?
I should not come out and say that Pub food is good. It hurts my credibility as someone who often writes about food and drink. However, I am also the guy who can be a bar fly or the guy who sits on a sidewalk while eating street food. RiRa is not doing straight pub food, they are delivering some decent Irish specialties and you will find yourself wondering if in fact you are in Las Vegas or some quaint Irish Pub in Dublin.

What you should try RiRa Irish Pub Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Hotel:

  • Traditional Bacon and Cabbage – There is no reason why you would order this unless you are Irish or you have had it before. I’m telling you that you NEED to have that house brined ham. The cabbage! A sauce that helps you order a second beer just balances out your entire meal. The ham just comes apart and it packs so much flavor you’ll attempt to eat the entire dish, don’t, it’s huge. This is a good sharing entrée.
  • Irish Potato Cakes – I’m pretty sure it’s the cream that made me happy but the balsamic kept me tasting more and then the crispy, yet fluffy potato just had me eating more than I should have. This is pub fare but what wrong with a little food while watching a game?
  • Baked Goat Cheese – Does anybody need just goat cheese? My dining companion did and wouldn’t you know it she got me hooked on it. Now I’m walking in having a beer and goat cheese. So creamy and when combined with the pepper relish and the pesto it becomes a meal.
  • Fish and Chips – Flaky, fried fish that is the perfect compliment to a few beers. Plenty of people rave about the fish and chips at RiRa, plenty of food people I respect love this dish. I like it but don’t love it. However, I think it has more to do with the appeal of the rest of the menu and less to do with the beer battered haddock filet.
  • RiRa Salad – This is not what you would be ordering just because you stopped into to have beers. However, this is exactly what my wife would be ordering because she stopped in with me as I have too many beers. Smoked salmon with baby spinach and some some blue cheese in a lemon thyme dressing. This should not be as good as it is because you are in an Irish pub but it is and this will help you stay a little longer and order a second or even a third beer.

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