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Public House Luxor

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Public House Luxor
Public House Luxor
Public House Luxor

I’m warning you right now that you might have more than one beer at Public House at Luxor Hotel. When you walk in you should understand that the concept of food best enjoyed with a beer and a game on the giant big screens is employed here. It’s not that they don’t try to impress you with fancy dishes it’s just that good PUB food is what you are getting. This is a place that will make you happy because you’re having some comfortable food while having some fun.

If you look closely at the menu you’ll realize that someone in the kitchen has recently had a complete physical. There are plenty of items on their menu that will have you putting away the cholesterol medication. I’m not going to say that it is super healthy, I’m just saying that it will not make your blood work comeback with red flags.


Location: Luxor Las Vegas
3900 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Phone: 702-703-6840

See the Public House Luxor website

Cuisine at Public House Luxor: PUB/Sports Bar

Reservations for Public House Luxor: not necessary

Price Range at Public House Luxor: Inexpensive to moderate

Hours at Public House Luxor:
Lunch and dinner daily

Attire: Casual

What to Expect at Public House Luxor ?
The giant screens around the room will keep you entertained or distracted. Don’t go into Public House Luxor to have a serious conversation if you have even a tiny bit of interest in sports. The large screens will have you losing eye contact immediately. However, if you are a fan of any sport you can imagine that the comfortable booths, beer specials and comfort food will make you happy enough to consider staying through two games.

How’s the food at Public House Luxor?
This is a fancy bar or a nice sports bar so understand that while the food is good you will get trapped into the a lot of the usual pub food menu items. That’s not a bad thing but you should understand that when the game is on what you order might be a little salty and possibly spicy and that will make you want another beer. For me, as a sports fan, that’s the Holy Grail of food to watch a game by. Give me the order of Buffalo Shrimp and the right combination of salty and spicy will be balanced out by a craft beer from their impressive selection of beers.


What you should try at Public House Luxor:

  • Cheesesteak Spring roll - Bar food delight! Spicy ketchup brings the sweet but it's the chipotle peppers that deliver the flavor. Crunchy, meat filled sticks that motivate you to horde your food and guzzle your beer.
  • Buffalo Shrimp – Huge shrimp that bring the spice and the flavor of the sea. At $4 per shrimp I’m not sure you want to share with your friends who do not usually pay their fair share but if your team is inning this is the celebratory snack.
  • Turkey Burger – Full of so much flavor you might start thinking about turkey as your substitute for red meat. The guacamole and the smoked gouda will float around the turkey and make you forget you decided against a real burger.
  • Jambalaya – It’s not New Orleans but it is some pretty fine comfort food. When an appetizer just won’t do this is a good choice. The meatloaf can work as well.
  • Hummus Plate: (WIFE ALERT: I actually like this dish but my wife would follow me into a sports bar for this) – Fresh Hummus, pita, olives and cucumbers. This is the dish your wife orders but you snack on. It’s not traditional bar food but it is a bargaining tool to get yor spouse in if she is not a sports fan.
  • Grilled Steak Salad- Watching the game alone. Get this and you will not be disappointed. Flat iron steak over the top of fresh healthy stuff. Do not order if you are with the guys unless you want to get laughed at.




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