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Nove Italiano at Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas

Are You Prepared To Make NOVE Your Favorite Spot in Las Vegas?

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Nove Italiano at Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas
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You'll sit down to a meal in a modern room with some decent atmosphere and an above average view but you'll be served some outstanding Italian cuisine. Nove Italiano might become your favorite restaurant in Las Vegas.

Location: Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas
4321 W. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Phone: (702) 942-6800

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Cuisine at Nove Italiano at Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas: Italian

Reservations at Nove Italiano at Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas: Yes

Price Range at Nove Italiano at Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas: Moderate to Expensive

Hours at Nove Italiano at Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas:
Sunday-Thursday - 5:30p-10p Friday-Saturday - 5:30p-11p

Attire: Business Casual

What it’s like at Nove Italiano at Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas?
If you are familiar with the Palms Resort you could assume that their Italian restaurant would have a theme that speaks to its "cool factor." While that may be true in some sense you really get a room that is a cross between Las Vegas chic and the comfortable qualities of your favorite Italian restaurant. The high back booths along the windows are spacious, they look out to the Las Vegas valley and the room does have a very Las Vegas energy about it. I would not go so far as to say this place is romantic but it would be a great date night location with enough action and energy to keep the night moving in the right direction.

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How’s the food at Nove Italiano at Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas?
This rarely happens to me but I should point out that every dish I tried at Nove Italiano was superb. Everything that came out of the kitchen dazzled me. The garlic, the basil, the sauces, the pasta, it all seemed to work very well on this particular night. I don’t usually clean a plate with a piece of bread, at Nove Italiano I did it and I was not even slightly embarrassed by it.

What you should try at Nove Italiano at Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas:

  • Tomato Soup – I should have known that this meal would weaken my ability to eat after having the roasted tomato soup. I tried not to eat it all and yet I could not help myself. The soup has enough texture to remind you that some real tomatoes were used and that hint of sweet cheese and butter floating around some extra virgin olive oil is intoxicating.
  • Shrimp Francaise – It's like the Fourth of July in your mouth, not the firecracker excitement, that feeling that something even more outstanding is coming next and then it explodes and you smile again. This is the dish that had me wiping the plate with a piece of bread, I know, an amateur move but the sauce was so buttery and the shrimp was all at once crispy and delicate.
  • Carbonara - When I dream of how well I can master Italian cooking it would be with this variation of a carbonara. Huge raviolo, pancetta, and egg that slowly seeps out its flavor. The Ricotta cheese is tempting you to give up running and fantasize about cooking.
  • Cuttle Fish - The sauce is what brings it home, it rests on the cuttle fish (larger calamari) and then floats the tiny tomato. If there is a dish so far that makes me comfortable this is it. Put me in the Piedmont region, make it a warm day, I'll need some crusty bread and a giant bowl of this with a Barbaresco.
  • Veal Scaloppini – To me it's the combination of arugula, citrus and prosciutto that elevates the scaloppini, but as I slowly slice away each bite I am fascinated by the flavors, fresh and light while decadently supreme. I cannot say enough good things about this dish.

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