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La Cave at Wynn Las Vegas

Small Plates, Quiet Conversations and Comfort at La Cave Wynn Las Vegas

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Soon, this is what I'll be doing. Late night, on the patio at La Cave at Wynn Las Vegas. A few glasses of wine and a few friends we'll be laughing a tiny bit too much. Some flatbread and some beets and a little too much Salami, Salumi, Coppa, Jamon, Sopressata, etc. Do you see where I'm going with this? La Cave at Wynn Las Vegas has a fun space where you can go for an after show nightcap that will go too long and end up in more food and more drinks and far too many flirtatious glances. I want to to behave just a tiny bit bad at La Cave and I'm not entirely sure why.

Location: La Cave at Wynn Las Vegas
Wynn Las Vegas
3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 888-352-DINE

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Cuisine at La Cave at Wynn Las Vegas: Wine Bar and Bistro/Italian/Tapas

Reservations at La Cave at Wynn Las Vegas: Walk-ins welcome or call 702-248-3463 Price Range at La Cave at Wynn Las Vegas: Moderate

Hours at La Cave at Wynn Las Vegas:
Monday through Thursday – 11:30 to 11PM
Friday through Sunday -11:30am to late

Attire at La Cave at Wynn Las Vegas: Resort Casual

Chorizo, Italian, Andouille Sausage FlatBread at La Cave

What it’s like at La Cave at Wynn Las Vegas?

We can call it cozy or a hideaway or quaint and it is all of those but really it is just a comfortable place to go for a bite to eat and a glass of wine at Wynn Las Vegas. That is not a bad thing, I don’t mean to describe it with a connotation that suggests that it’s some obscure place with a wine list and some Tapas, on the contrary, that is what it is and that is what you’ll enjoy about it. Consider the dinning options at Wynn Las Vegas and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at this new casual dinning option. Sit out on the patio and take in the ultra lounge feel or sit at the communal table with a view of the kitchen and get a neighborhood bar feel, either way it is a different approach for Wynn Las Vegas and one that was needed.

How's the food at La Cave at Wynn Las Vegas?
Small plates, some wines by the glass (I would have appreciated a few more, it's a wine bar) and a few flatbreads that could satisfy me for awhile. If you are with a few people at La Cave you'll pleased with the ability to share and sample a few items.

What you should try at La Cave at Wynn Las Vegas:

  • Hamachi – It’s simple but I’m a sucker for simple fish with a slight spice and some zest.
  • Salt Roasted Beets – You hear me? I’m saying you should try the beets, I’ve never told anyone they should try beets but the truth is the whipped goat cheese turns these roots that are good for you into a decent dish.
  • Sunny Side Duck Egg – Here is what is happening, you slice into the egg and it slowly releases the flavors that you are often afraid to embrace, the ham and the asparagus swim around the intense color and your palate is pleased to be introduced to a little bit of yoke, a little bit of ham and some greens.
  • Chorizo, Italian, Andouille Sausage Flatbread – This is the flatbread that you’ll have with one of the craft beers they have on the menu. It’s simple, the flatbread is crunchy, has a slight char and the chorizo helps to motivate you to have a second and a third beer.
  • Ham Egg and Cheese Flatbread – It’s not what you think, it’s better, yes they are smaller eggs but don’t concern yourself with that and instead allows those flavors to cultivate some serious action on your tongue.

Dessert at La cave at Wynn Las Vegas

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