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Heraea at Palms Las Vegas - CLOSED

The Ultimate Sports Bar at Palms Las Vegas

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Heraea at Palms Las Vegas
You’ll think that you have stepped into sports fan heaven at Heraea at Palms Las Vegas almost immediately if you like the very comfortable experience and luxurious feel of a high end sport bar. What you’ll really appreciate is the food and dining choices when you try to take your non-sports loving friends and significant others. At that point you can sit back and relax and watch all the sporting events you want because your friends will be happy ordering more cocktails as you have a beer and continue to stress out as your team tries not to fail you.

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Location: Heraea at Palms Las Vegas
Palms Las Vegas
4321 West Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Phone: (702) 701-0201

See Heraea at Palms Las Vegas website

Cuisine at Heraea at Palms Las Vegas: New American/Refined comfort food

Reservations: recommended but not required

Price Range: moderate to expensive

Open daily at 11am, weekends at 10am

Attire: Casual

The Burger at Heraea at Palms Las Vegas
What to Expect at Heraea at Palms Las Vegas:
If you didn’t know any better you would think that someone was very confused when they designed Heraea. It’s almost too nice to have giant television screens. The booths are too comfortable for a sports bar. The food is too good for sports. The cocktails have been made too well to have during a hockey game.

No, it’s just that you’ll have to raise your standards. You can expect more now when you visit a sports bar. I should be fair, it’s not a sports bar. They describe themselves like this
Dining. Sports. Music. Inspired by the Heraean Games, the first athletic competition for women in ancient Greece, Heraea blends great food, sports and music into a party that continues long after the game has ended. We’ve created a menu and atmosphere that appeal to a more refined fan where the sports and the food are at the top of their game.
I have to agree but I feel wrong when I do. I like the place but I hope I have not become a refined sports fan. I hope I can still spill cheese on my jersey and drink four more beers than I should while my team breaks down and loses with 5 minutes left in the game.

How’s the food at Heraea at Palms Las Vegas?
You can see a game anywhere. You can get good food in a lot of places. Getting both in the same spot can often be a challenge. It’s not at Heraea, you’ll get some proper food, good cocktails and huge screens to watch the game on.

What you should try at Heraea at Palms Las Vegas:

  • Tuna TartareTacos – The avocado mousse is reminiscent of those street tacos you can find in dusty Mexican towns. You will most likely need more than one order.
  • Piquillo Peppers with Braised Short Rib – The perfect combination of spicy and savory. One beer and a few of these and the first quarter will be a good one regardless of how well your team performs on the field.
  • The burger – It is a messy mess. It’s also brilliant. It is so good I’ll look past the fact that I drip all over the place with it. Two beef patties and a marmalade of happiness that combines the entire flavor into one collapsible juicy messy jewel of the Southern Nevada desert.
  • Steak Salad – This salad has given me mobility. It has offered me more time. It has allowed me to watch more sports than any man should be able to. Well, a couple of cocktails on the Heraea drink list help but this salad is the primary reason. My wife is in love with the ginger-miso vinaigrette and the skirt steak and greens. I actually really like it but I’m not ordering a salad while watching hockey.
  • Char Grilled Prawns – It might be the brown rice mixing in with a hint of sweet pineapple that creates the savory salivation on my tongue. Share this dish and you’ll be angry that you don’t get to eat it all.

Drink at Heraea at Palms Las Vegas

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