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Citizens Kitchen and Bar at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas


Citizens Kitchen and Bar at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas
Citizens Kitchen and Bar at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas
Citizens Kitchen and Bar at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

Their motto is “Real Food. Real People” and it is safe to say that they understand the simple pleasure of com fort food. Citizens has taken the sandwich, the meatball and the baked potato and promoted it into an entrée. It’s a comfortable place to have some comfort food that has been reworked to make us feel better about going simple with our meal.

The 24 hour café is the norm in Las Vegas and Citizens has changed the formula by taking American food and adding a bit of flash.

Part of the  77 Places to Eat Cheap in Las Vegas

Location: Citizens Kitchen and Bar
Mandalay Bay Resort Las Vegas
3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702-835-9200

See Citizens at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas website

Cuisine at Citizens at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas: Contemporary American

Reservations: not required

Price Range: moderate

Open 24 hours


Attire: Casual

What to Expect at Citizens at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas:
There is a fancy deli feel and the overall atmosphere fits well for Mandalay Bay. I like the marble bar that is tucked along one of the walls, it's as if I'm eating in a pharmacy in my neighborhood. Grab something from the counter and you are going super casual.

This is not a fine dining date night location. This is the spot that you have a meal when you don’t want all the formality of what dining has become. It’s easy, casual and without pretense.

It’s simple food in large portions. It’s the type of sandwich that might spill on your already soiled jeans. It’s the type of food that you might make at home but you would not make nearly as well.

How’s the food at Citizens at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas?
There is very little to it in the way of stuff you have never seen. There are no surprises in the way the food is described and the way it is presented. In other words you really do get what you want. That is a good thing in this time of fancy names for the same old dishes. You want meatballs, you get meat balls. Order some fish tacos and guess what you actually get fish tacos.

I make a point of mentioning that because there are times when you are on vacation when you want some thing familiar and easy. Citizens Las Vegas fills that void.


What you should try at Citizens at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas:

  • Breakfast Banana pancakes - Fried eggs, banana nut pancakes that rival the Gazebo Restaurant in Napili bay. If you take a bite and close your eyes you can almost see Molokai in the distance. Too bad there is no Portuguese sausage fried rice on the menu. Get a little extra sweet creme. It's the mac sauce that makes it great. I’m not crazy when I tell you that this is almost as good as going to West Maui for breakfast. Almost.
  • French Toast stuffed with Nutella and banana is just decadent enough to make you think twice about sharing.
  • Lunch/Dinner The Baconator – This is a bacon burger that is for bacon lovers only. Oh, does that include everyone. You should plan on splitting this giant combo of beef and pork and realize that you might be in bacon utopia after the meal. Plan accordingly.
  • The meatball sandwich – The server will tell you that you should have the sandwich. I’ll say that the bread could be better and that a little sauce on the side will make it better. What I’m really saying is that you should just order the meatballs alone and make them a meal. You don’t need to add in the extra carbs.
  • The loaded mashed potatoes – If you love potatoes this is what you dream about. The deconstructed baked potato that has been reworked with enough butter and cream to give you a life altering experience of pure potato decadence.


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