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Las Vegas Monorail

Glide Down the Las Vegas Strip on the Monorail


Monorail and CityCenter on Las Vegas Strip
Hisham Ibrahim/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images
The Las Vegas Monorail is moving along the Las Vegas strip every day. The question is will you choose to utilize this form of public transportation?

You'll find the Las Vegas Monorail gliding above traffic at speeds reaching 50 miles per hour and you should be able to cover the route in approximately 14 minutes for $5.00. However, how long will it take you to walk to your hotel after you get off the Las Vegas Monorail?

While the Las Vegas Monorail might be fast it is not always convenient. If you are in town for a convention the Las Vegas Monorail most likely will eliminate those long waits for a cab at the convention center. However, when you get back to your hotel how long will it take to get from the Las Vegas Monorail station to your room?

Check out the Las Vegas Monorail website

Depending on where you are staying, your proximity to a monorail station varies widely. If you are at the Las Vegas Hilton the station is literally right outside the door. However, if you are staying at Bally's or Paris Las Vegas your walk to the Station feels like a trek down the strip. The Las Vegas Monorail does not always prove to be the most convenient form of transportation.

Tickets are available at the each monorail station
Las Vegas Monorail Prices:
Single Ride ticket: $5.00
Three Day Pass: $28.00
Unlimited day pass: $12.00
Kids under 5 ride free

Las Vegas Monorail Hours: Monday – Thursday: 7 a.m. to 2 a.m.
Friday – Sunday: 7 a.m. to 3 a.m.

If you are looking for information on Las Vegas transportation be sure to check the resources below that should help you find the information you need.

The Las Vegas Monorail Stations:

MGM Grand Station

Bally's / Paris Station /

Flamingo / Caesars Palace Station

Harrah's / Imperial Palace Station

Las Vegas Convention Center Station

Las Vegas Hotel Station

Should you take the Las Vegas Monorail?

If you are in town for a convention, the Las Vegas Monorail will get you to the convention center and it will save you time and money. However, not all conventions are held at the convention center.

If you are staying at the MGM Grand the Las Vegas Monorail Station is somewhat out of the way but it is still close enough to make it convenient to access other Las Vegas strip hotels. If you are traveling with others you might find that sharing the cost of a taxi will get you more convenient service for less money.

If you get on the monorail at Harrah's on a Friday night and plan on getting to the MGM Grand there might not be a faster ride in town. Remember, if there is a lot of traffic on the strip (and it seems like there always is) a taxi driver will have to work around the traffic and that might be time consuming and high blood pressure rate inducing.

Utilize the monorail as part of your many options to transportation while in Las Vegas but not as your only means of getting around.

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