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A Foodie's Utopia at Aria Resort in Las Vegas

Las Vegas as a Culinary Destination

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A Foodie's Utopia at Aria Resort in Las Vegas
Julian Serrano walked over to our table and attempted to seduce me with his food. Michael Mina showed me how to cook fish the right way and now I feel bad for the kids who are in culinary school right now. Chef Masa Takayama introduced me to a hairy crab and Chef Sean McClain nearly put me in a food coma with his scallop. How lucky am I?

Recently, I spent a weekend at Aria Resort eating until the tiny buttons on my new shirts were nearly engulfed by my belly button. My true love is feeding my face and I do not need an invitation to sit down and jam as much in as possible. When you add in the ability to sample some of the best food on the Las Vegas strip you can bet that I will attempt to overstay my welcome. I was invited to the Food and Wine All Star Weekend at Aria Resort along with a few other select journalists and we indulged in such a treasure of food I was hoping I could just move into the Aria Sky Suites and make this part of my daily routine. (Didn't happen, housekeeping was on to me)

Eating is a social experience and being able to sit around with other food lovers made it that much better. Sitting beside me for a few meals were Janelle of Talk of Tomatoes and Stephanie of Lick My Spoon. I have to confess I might have licked her spoon and I'm sure I talked way too much about tomatoes. That is the beauty of good food, you spend all this time socializing and soon the hours have melted away and the flavors become so personal.

Aria Resort has such an all star lineup of chefs and restaurants that the food lover in you will have to try to resist the urge to go all “Beatlemania” in the lobby of the hotel. Relax, take a few days and indulge in what the Aria Resort has to offer. This is your culinary destination so make sure you share it with someone special.

The highlights of my Foodie experience at Aria Resort:

  • The Tomahawk Steak at Jean Georges - Listen, this is not going to get weird, yes, I already admitted to maybe licking someone's spoon but the truth is I wanted to hug Chef Jean George. His Tomahawk Steak was life altering. I would say that I would have hugged Jean Georges Executive Chef Robert Moore but I'm pretty sure the night before he and I hugged it out after he saved a slider for me at Union Restaurant.
  • Fish 4 ways at American Fish with Michael Mina - Sure, he stood beside me with a large piece of beef in clarified butter but his instruction on how to cook fish has made my wife so happy. I come home late, I poach a fish in sea water. I drink too much, I can just pan fry some trout. I lick another person's spoon...well, I had to hit Tiffany's at Crystals for that one.
  • Absinthe and Scallops at Sage - Each time I eat at Sage I want the experience to last a little longer. I love to sink into a my chair after the Absinthe and observe the space. I linger over each course and I stare at the food. I am enamored with the experience. I might be crazy.
  • Stuffed Piquillo Peppers - Yes, I love saying the word Piquillo, not sure why. I'm sure it creeped out Janelle of Talk Of Tomatoes as I kept looking at her throughout my meal while whispering Piquillo, but food makes me crazy. When the Paella came out I started doing the same thing to Chef Julian Serrano, "Paella, Paella, Paella." He definitely was creeped out by what his Spanish cuisine inspired me to do. Although, it might have been the Sangria that made me do it.
  • The Rib Eye Burger at Skybox Sports Bar and Grill - My love for food is only challenged by my love for hockey so as I found myself in the sports book munching on a burger and having a beer while watching a game. I do have an addictive personality but how bad can it be that I want to sit with one of my favorite burgers and 4 of my favorite craft beers? Don't judge me.
  • Chocolate Croissant at Jean Philippe - I tend to wake up a bit hazy when I'm in Las Vegas. Shocker? I love that I can walk out of the elevator at Aria and into the arms of one of the nice people at Jean Philippe Patisserie. They pump me with coffee and then I devour a flaky croissant. Yes, I do draw a few onlookers simply because I have some crazy bed hair but my food coma doesn't wear off until around noon so I barely notice the people who point and stare.
There are plenty of food options at Aria Resort and if you do not leave Las Vegas with a few extra pounds you have clearly not done your job.

I should share a bit about my ability to do the seated shoulder dance but the truth is that while I was at Haze Nightclub with my new found foodie friends I was starting to draw attention to myself by simply "moving it" while seated. My dancing talents are reserved for a select few so I left the VIP area of the nightclub and went in search of a snack.

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