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New American Cuisine at Sage at Aria Las Vegas


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Chef Shawn McClain's Sage Las Vegas
New American Cuisine at Sage at Aria Las Vegas
Often times the determining factor, for me, when it comes to a great restaurant and a decent place with very good food is atmosphere. There is a feeling when you step into a great restaurant that suggests you belong. It’s as if you walk in and they lead you to “your” table. You are sure someone will come by and talk to you about the family, about the business and order your first drink without you having to look at a menu.

You get a sense for that at Sage at Aria Las Vegas. Chef Shawn McClain impresses you with his use of West Coast ingredients to create a dynamic and exciting New American cuisine but the details are where you’ll find the true sparkle in this Las Vegas gem.

Ultimately, the staff is what makes the entire dining experience memorable. At Sage I was able to discuss food with the server in such a way that she was able to express her passion for food and knowledge. Every person at Sage had an opinion on the food, their favorite dishes and the ingredients they enjoy as well as the cooking styles employed. When a staff approaches you with a dish that they can stand behind you understand the quality and the confidence in the kitchen and their product.

What you should try at Sage as was proposed to me by possibly the best and most knowledgeable server I have ever had in Las Vegas, Erin:

  • Desert Shrub - Tequila Reposado/Prosecco/Pink Grapefruit/Purple Sage - A whole lot of summer in a champagne flute
  • Vancouver Island Kusshi Oysters – Piquillo Pepper and Tobasco sorbet/Aged Tequila Mignonette – Oh Canada! This is explosive, the flavors release on your tongue and you instantly can imagine the snowcapped mountains and the clear waters of British Columbia.
  • Pacific Yellowtail Crudo
  • Foie Gras Custard Brulee – Moro Blood Orange, Toasted Cocoa Nibs, Salted Brioche - Foie Gras butter, is the best way to describe this dish as Erin my server was so kind to share her spot on description. Salted brioche makes the taste buds tingle and the Brulee soothes them with flavor.
  • Slow-Poached Organic Farm Egg – Smoked Potato, Shaved Black Winter Truffle, Toasted Country Bread - This is a dish I would never order on my own, however, it was tremendous. Savory, buttery, peppery, more texture than you would think and with a custard consistency scooped up with toasted bread.
  • Roasted Day Boat Scallops
  • Braised Veal Cheeks
  • Finish off the meal with some Absinthe, yeah, that is right, Absinthe!
I love food and I make no secret of my passion for eating. I eat everything and regardless of the location, be it a hot dog on the Las Vegas strip or one of the bet restaurants in the world I am all about listening to how something is created and how the food inspires others to talk about it. As much as I might not want to label myself I am a foodie. Sage at Aria Las Vegas is the type of place that a foodie will thoroughly enjoy.

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