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How To Be Bad in Las Vegas


Seeking a way to be bad in Las Vegas?
How To Be Bad in Las Vegas

Do Not Disturb

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Do you ever set out to be bad? Do you ever challenge yourself to push the envelope? Do you ever strive to add just a tiny bit of excitement into your life? Of course you do, that's why you are thinking of going to Las Vegas. You start thinking about a hotel, first you'll consider a place that is cost effective, but you'll change your mind and go a tiny bit more upscale, something that tempts you. You'll make dinner reservations only to realize that spending just a tiny bit more will make your Las Vegas evening even better. As you begin to think about a show you'll move from safe to risque and then the evening will really get going. That is what Las Vegas does to you, it helps you move along the fantasy of a real adult getaway.

How to be bad in Las Vegas? (The G version) -

  • A milkshake with just a little happy juice at BLT Burger
  • Tear the tag off the mattresses in the hotel. (I must admit this is a submitted approach to fun and I must protect the name of the not so innocent. However, ask for LeAnn at the Criss Angel store for tips. You didn't hear that from me.)
  • Wear a 2 piece or a speedo at the pool
  • Buy two of those large Eiffel Tower drinks and walk down the Las Vegas strip speaking with a bad French accent and scream "Vive La France" for no reason.

How to be bad in Las Vegas? (The PG version)

How to be bad in Las Vegas? (The version where you blush and smile as you walk away)


How To Be Bad in Las Vegas? ( The version where you hope pictures do not surface)


  • Find yourself an Adult pool in Las Vegas Don't get nuts, just slowly allow the pretense to melt away.
  • Now you'll be headed to a strip club in Las Vegas, you see I skipped the meals, don't worry about eating. Consider the Olympic Gardens, you get both male and female dancers and you'll be sure to get quite a bit of others people's junk rubbed in your face.
  • Need to go further - Check out a Swing Club

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