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Fantasy Las Vegas


Fantasy, The Adult, Topless Show at Luxor Las Vegas
Fantasy Las Vegas
There is something about seeing a show where women dance around topless that does not often appeal to me. I'm not a prude, you get a group of guys together and I'll have a hand full of singles to give me more of a chances at a little extra attention from a dancer. No, I have no problem with women dancing half naked. I actually encourage it.

However, that act can get old as well so the idea of watching Fantasy at Luxor Las Vegas had me questioning just how much I would do for this thing I call a job. Wow, was I surprised.

First, the dancers are all talented and they look spectacular. The dance numbers kept me engaged and the entertainment value was well worth it. Lorena Peril can belt out a tune and she's not bad to look at either. Sean E. Cooper is hilarious and could probably command a showroom by himself. Yes, I was surprised by how much i enjoyed the show.

It is sexy entertainment for couples but it is not all delivered in an inappropriate way. It has a touch of class and if you scan the crowd plenty of people are sharing an evening of Las Vegas entertainment with a partner. It is a Las Vegas show that can appeal to plenty of open minded individuals.

Fantasy at Luxor Las Vegas
Luxor Hotel
Shows nightly at 10:30pm

See the Fantasy Las Vegas website

Contact Fantasy Las Vegas: Call 800-557-7428 or 702-262-4400

You must be 18 years of age to see Fantasy. It is a topless show.

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