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Las Vegas Adult Entertainment

Adult entertainment is what Las Vegas is all about. It's available in a variety of forms so you will be pleased if this is what you are seeking. Some of the information found on this page can be offensive to some while pleasurable to others. Like a lime green sport coat.

Boys night out in Las Vegas

If someone ends up in jail, don't tell the wives or the girlfriends. Now that that's out of the way, when the boys get together you know there's going to be some drinking and a few ways to get in trouble with the ladies, if one of your friends brings a camera eliminate him because he probably has a big mouth. Check out the seven ways the guys can light up the strip.

Clubs, Bars and Lounges

I'm positive you need to find the best place to have a drink, or the right place to meet that very special someone or the place where you won't mind passing out in the restroom.

Romantic Las Vegas

Isnít time you spent a romantic evening with that special person in your life at seven of the most romantic locations in Las Vegas? This way when you get drunk with your friends later on you donít look like such a creep.
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