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The Food Court at the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas


Cheap Food in Las Vegas at the Venetian Las Vegas
The Food Court at the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas
Where it's at?
Venetian Resort and Casino
Hours of Operation: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Late night

Why it's cheap?

  • You can get cheap pizza and sandwiches
  • This is an affordable breakfast option in the Venetian
  • There are plenty of options for meals under $10 that are better than typical food courts.
  • BBQ Beef Sandwich for $5.75
  • Panini and pastries for under $7
  • Turkey burger for $7

Why you'll go there?
The Venetian is a luxury resort, it has all the swanky elements that you look for in a place that does a good job of separating you from your money, the food court is the one place where they have done a good job of keeping the costs way down. This is arguably the best food court in Las Vegas and you won't find the generic food court options here.

What they offer:
Café Santa Lucia - Coffee, pastries and light faire
San Gennarro - Burgers, Paninis, and Salad
Cocolini Casino - Assorted flavors of Gelato
Rialto Deli - Soups and Sandwiches
Pizzeria de Enzo - Soups, salads, and Italian cuisine

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