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Food Court at Casino Royale


Cheap Eating at the Food Court at Casino Royale
Food Court at Casino Royale
Food Court
Where it's at?
Casino Royae - On the Las Vegas Strip Across the street from the Mirage
Hours of Operation: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Why it's cheap?

  • $2 hot odgs
  • Pizza by the slice
  • Subway sandwich

Why you'll go there?
If you are staying on the Las Vegas strip you are walking distance from the Casino Royale, they have some good beer specials so you might find yourself there anyway, why not grab some cheap food while playing beer pong. It is a very low cost alternative to eating at most hotels in this center strip location. There is nothing fantastic about the food court at Casino Royale unless you consider feeding four people for under $20, easily.

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