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Flatbread at Morels at the Palazzo


Huge Shrimp, Lots of Food all for $9 at Morels
Flatbread at Morels at the Palazzo

Where it's at?
Morels at Palazzo
Hours of Operation: After 9 pm in the bar/lounge

Why it's cheap?
It is an incredible deal and soon they'll find out it jut can't be done, but until then take advantage of a pretty good flatbread with quality ingredients for next to nothing.

Why you'll go there?
The shrimp on the flatbread are huge, the crust is soft and supple and the price is insanely low. Food in the dining room can get a little expensive but this deal that is only available after 9pm in the bar and is a well kept secret. Morels Steakhouse has an insane selection of cheeses and the they can do a steak well, but if you are looking for a snack before going to the club, this is it.

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