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Finding a Cheap Meal in Las Vegas

I love to eat but I don't like to spend money. Does that describe you? I'll help you find some decent food in Las Vegas that doesn't cost you a fortune.

The Pizza at D.O.C.G. at the Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas

Roti Panang at Wazuzu Las Vegas, The Curry of Your Dreams
Thai Coconut Curry with chicken and Indian flat bread, don't resist just do it.

Gumbo and a Beer for Cheap at Table 10 Las Vegas
Gumbo, beer and sports, it's all I really need. Table 10 gives me all of them with a seat at the bar.

Affordable Italian at Bacio at Tropicana Las Vegas
Simple, affordable, Italian food at the Tropicana Hotel Las Vegas

Best Sandwich in Las Vegas
Meat between two pieces of bread, sound simple? It should be, but these places will impress you with quality that goes beyond the simplicity of the sandwich.

Canter's Deli at Treasure Island Las Vegas
If you are in the mood for a corned beef and pastrami you can pick one up at Canter's, it's not as authentic as the Jewish deli that you frequent if yo live on the East Coast or LA but it does a decent job.

Cheap Drinks at the C Bar at The Stratosphere
If there is a game on, this is where you would watch it, why would you go any where else? The drinks are cheap and some cheap food options can be found on the second level at the Stratosphere Hotel.

Cheap Food Options at Harrah's Hotel Las Vegas
Located right on the strip this is a good alternative to eating in a casino and the cost is what you would expect from these popular chain restaurants.

Cheap, Fast Food in Las Vegas at Subway Sandwich

Enoteca Otto Pizzeria at the Venetian Las Vegas

Flatbread at Morels at the Palazzo
Flatbread and wine for next to nothing.

Food Court at Casino Royale
It is a very low cost alternative to eating at most hotels in this center strip location. There is nothing fantastic about the food court at Casino Royale unless you consider feeding four people for under $20, easily.

Food Courts on the Las Vegas Strip - The Best, Cheap Fast
Food Courts in Las Vegas are a good alternative to spending a lot of money at restaurants while still getting some good food. You don't have to stick with buffets to save money and you have a lot of food courts to choose from on the Las Vegas strip.

Going Big at Hash House A Go Go Las Vegas
If you are a fan of eating you are a fan of Hash House and I'm sure you must be a fan of The Travel Channel's Man Vs. Food show. Adam Richman went into Hash House and devoured his way through a dish that is simply a monster.

Hussong's Cantina and Taqueria Las Vegas
If you are at the bar the Margritas are on the rocks and poured like they are down south. Strong and tasty! Beer by the bucket and plenty of people having a good time while the music plays on and the noise level gets to celebration levels. Did I mention the Mariachi? Two Margaritas and you’ll be belting out a tune or two.

Hussong’s Cantina Las Vegas
Authentic Mexican food for an inexpensive price at the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

In-N-Out Burger in Las Vegas
In-N-Out Burger is the likely candidate for the best burger in Las Vegas and is easily the beat deal in Las Vegas when talking about quality burgers.

Kerry Simon is Making You a Burger at KGB
Kerry Simon has attempted the science of burgers at KGB at Harrah's Las Vegas. Kerry's Gourmet Burgers, A Burger & Vodka Bar is possibly that place in Las Vegas where you’ll enjoy a burger that has been crafted by someone trying to achieve some perfection in an area where plenty accept mediocrity.

Kerry's Gourmet Burgers, KGB at Harrah's Las Vegas
The burger craze is simply crazy and the idea of spending top dollar for an American classic is getting ridiculous but at least Kerry Simon is giving us an affordable gourmet burger for $10.

La Cave at Wynn Las Vegas
Late night, on the patio at La Cave at Wynn Las Vegas, a few glasses of wine, a few friends, laughing a tiny bit too much and some flatbread, some beets and a little too much Salami, Salumi, Coppa, Jamon, Sopressata, etc. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Oyster Bar at Harrah's
If you are looking for a quick convenient place that also gives you some decent quality you'll head to the Oyster bar. A beer and some soup and it's under $20.

Pizzeria Francesco's at the Treasure Island Las Vegas
Quick and cheap pizza in Las vegas at the Treasure Island Las Vegas

Postrio in the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian Resort Las Vegas
If you are looking for a good sit down meal but you are are also considering the cost of a meal for you entire family, Postrio is a good option.

Secret Pizza at Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas
recently E.C. Gladstone, a Las Vegas writer that I have too many meals with, stopped into The Cosmopolitan Hotel and tried their "secret pizza place." He then talked my ear off about the place so I decided to share a few of his thoughts with you.

Serendipity 3 Las Vegas at Caesars Palace
Serendipity 3 Las Vegas is that spot where you'll share a meal and have leftovers. You will need to try the frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3.

Simon at Palms Place Las Vegas
If you find yourself at a loss for where to spend your lunch in Las Vegas there is very little reason for you to not attempt a visit to Simon Restaurant at Palms Place. The room feels spacious as it looks out to the pool and the casual yet modern vibe makes you wish you had something important to discuss with your lunch date.

Thai Experience in Las Vegas At SEA
I'm on a quest to eat for less in Las Vegas and Bally's Hotel and Casino has a pretty decent option.

The Food Court at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino

The Food Court at the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian Las Vegas
Food options are plentiful at the Palazzo and the Venetian but affordable food is a little harder to come by. The food courts are where you can skimp in order to splurge elsewhere.

The Food Court at the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas
The Venetian Food COurt is arguably the best food court in Las Vegas and you won't find the generic food court option here.

The Pizza at Stratta at Wynn Las Vegas

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