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Las Vegas bars

Las Vegas bars

If you don't know it by now, I love to drink. I don't mean sit in front of the television drinking; I mean hanging out with a few people and really drinking. In Las Vegas you need a place to go after some whacko cracks your aces with his suited connectors or you dump $125 on one roll at the craps table. Drowning your sorrows is what Las Vegas is all about.

So I have given you a quick shot at a few places where you should not be ashamed to start the night with a few drinks. I have even given you my drink of choice at these places.

So drink up!!!!!

Click on the picture for a better view.

| fleur de lys | Red Square | rumjungle | Coral Reef Lounge | Coyote Ugly | Tabu | Emerils | Fat Tuesday | Petrossian | Fix | Aquanox | V Bar | Tangerine

MGM The Bar at fleur de lys

Located in the Mandalay Bay.

Across from China Grill

Drink of Choice: The Roses made me have an American Dream

MGM The Bar at 3950

Located in the Mandalay Bay.

Near Aureole

Drink of Choice: Makers Mark Manhattan

MGM Red Square

Located in the Mandalay Bay.

Across from Tratorria Del Lupo

Drink of Choice: Anything with Vodka, my choice, a Kangaroo, a "Vodkatini"

MGM rumjungle

Located in the Mandalay Bay.

Next to Red Square

Drink of Choice: The place makes you dance so better have a Mojito

MGM Coral Reef Lounge

Located in the Mandalay Bay.

In the Casino

Drink of Choice: I'm real sorry about this one, A Grass Skirt, as in Hula Dancer

MGM Coyote Ugly

Located in the New York/New York

In the Mezzanine near the entrance that leads to the Excalibur

Drink of Choice: Five shots of Jim Beam off the thigh of a half-Dressed woman

MGM Tabu

Located in the MGM Grand.

On the Casino Floor

Drink of Choice: The Gibson, because I refuse to have Olives in my Martini

MGM Teatro Bar

Located in the MGM Grand

In the general vicinity of most of the Restaurants

Drink of Choice: The Thunder Clap, because I needed to forget the fact that I was down $500

MGM Emerils

Located in the MGM Grand

Right near Craft steak on the way to the Arena

Drink of Choice: The Esquire, it makes me think about Lawyers and my wife asking if I have a drinking problem

MGM Fat Tuesday

Located in the Desert Passage shops at the Aladdin

The little piece of heaven in a mall

Drink of Choice: The Poker Face, because if I complain about shopping, she'll only spend more money.

MGM Petrossian Bar

Located in the Bellagio

Right near the Lobby

Drink of Choice: Champagne Cocktail, beacause the pretentious people around me are drinking it


Located in the Bellagio

On the North side of the Casino near the Entrance

Drink of Choice: I can't remember, see the picture, that's all I can remember

MGM Aquanox

Located in the Venetian

On the Casino level near the Restaraunts

Drink of Choice: Cuba Libre, I just started thinking about Fidel and realized I wanted to light up a Cuban


Located in the Venetian

Across from Aquanox

Drink of Choice: Jack and Coke, Just so that the server could give me that, "You're not in High school" look.

MGM Tangerine

Located at the Treasure Island

Right near the big bathtub in the front of the resort

Drink Of Choice: The Kamikaze, a drink that gives you the urge to dive in the water

Las Vegas at Night,
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