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Where is the Best Deal for Eating in Las Vegas?
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Where is the Best Deal for Eating in Las Vegas?

I love to eat and I love great food for as little as possible. Unfortunately for the frugal spender this is getting harder to do in Las Vegas. It used to be easy to find a cheap, quality meal in almost all the hotels, but with celebrity chefs and the premium placed on high end dinning in the city it is getting tougher.

So where do I find cheap food in Las Vegas? One of my favorite places for a quick meal is the snack bars at Sports books. I couple of bucks and I have a hot dog and a drink. In the middle of the day if you are not looking to spend a lot of money this is a good bet.

The hotel coffee shops are quickly getting more expensive, however, a few, at the Stardust, Monte Carlo, The Riviera, Tropicana and Bally’s offer some decent daily specials for a reasonable price.

The best deals are at the Deli’s: Carnegie at the Mirage, Canter’s at Treasure Island, Stage Deli at the Forum Shops, The West Side deli at Circus Circus, the Deli at the Frontier and the Deli at the Riviera. Splitting a sandwich is one of the best ways to save money on a meal on the Las Vegas strip.

Of course, there are always great deals, the meatloaf at Spago is a great value at $17 and the seafood buffet at the Rio for $34 is a steal. If you try to the Flat Bread at Olives at Bellagio you would easily pay double if they asked and a burger at either Postrio at the Venetian or THEcafe at Mandalay Bay are gems at less than $10.

Take the poll of the best places to get a cheap meal in Las Vegas.

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