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Las Vegas - A Night on the Town
night on the town

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The Ho!

Since I was sidetracked into thinking about the sex business in Las Vegas I decded to visit the Westward Ho. Now I should point out that the term “Ho”, in modern American slang, is an offensive classification of women who are a bit promiscuous. So I decided I should check out this joint and see if in fact I could get a conversation going with one of these lovely ladies to find out what was on for the evening.

night on the town

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I figured if I could get myself one of the 27 ounce margaritas and a mega-dog I should be attracting the women at an alarming rate. The only other person I saw as I was stuffing my face was a man who might have smoked two packs of cigarettes as I ordered and ate my food. I asked him what was up for th evening and he responded with a quick but polite, “$4 dollar ribs, who’s asking?”

So I moved on.

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