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Using those Las Vegas Coupons

Saving money is easy in Las Vegas with Coupons


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Place your bets! Place your bets!

When in Las Vegas you should always be on the look out for good deals. Remember, the name of the game in this city is money. If you have some, there is always someone out there trying to get a piece of it. Sounds menacing?

Check out the Las Vegas coupons page. This is a great resource for Las Vegas coupons and low cost alternatives in a Las Vegas vacation.

Relax, what this means for you is that in the competitive world of casino marketing everyone is looking to bring you in to their property to spend a little money, so they will offer you value, they will offer you bargains.

When you arrive to the city either by way of plane or car find yourself a Taxi. In the back seat of most cabs you will find an assortment of coupon books. This is important. Books such as 24-7, Las Vegas Advisor, What’s Onand Vegas Values, offer great values on everything from dining to shows to tours.

Some examples of what could be found in recent value books:

$4.00 dollars off general admission to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum at the Venetian


2 for 1 show tickets at Flamingo Hilton

Show dinner and tower pass for the Stratosphere for $44

You will also find free decks of cards, free drinks, free hot dogs, match play coupons. Another good idea is to join a few slot clubs or players clubs at Casino’s you might frequent. They will hand you a casino fun book that is normally loaded with special deals right in that casino.

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