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How To Bet on Sports in Las Vegas


Where else can you sit in front of eight big screens and watch sports all day long while getting free drinks? Las Vegas. All you need is a basic strategy to stretch your money at the Sports Book and spend a productive day in front of the television.
Time Required: A lifetime to get it right

Here's How:

  1. Remember, there is no mathematical advantage to sports betting like there is in most forms of gambling. If you have a hunch, often times that is as good as reading the newspaper. With that in mind, you should still understand some basic rules to sports betting. You should know the sport you are betting and understand the odds.
  2. Select a few games to place wagers on. Selecting too many reduces your chances of coming out ahead. You should have a real good idea of why you are selecting the team you have put your money behind. The "this is my favorite team" strategy can become expensive.
  3. Understand that the line at every casino takes into consideration injuries, locations, weather conditions and as many intangibles as might be available.
  4. Look for games that have lines that are influenced by public perception. If everybody jumps on their favorite team to win it dictates that line. Take advantage of these fluctuations.
  5. When losing, DO NOT throw money after your losses, this is the easiest way to get in to an ugly hole.
  6. Parlay bets, while fun, are a waste of time because of the odds against getting more than a couple of bets to go your way at once.
  7. If you are out to have fun place a few bucks on your team and enjoy the game. Too much money on your team can ruin your day. Find a sport book that will give you free drinks because you put ten bucks on a team. Free drinks, a few bets and you get to watch a game.
  8. If you are betting on Hockey remember that if you bet on the Los Angeles Kings they will never let you down. (Actually, they probably will, but I have to support my team anyway.)


  1. Know the spread, understand it, and understand how you get paid
  2. You will need a lot time to become a professional at this type of gambling, enjoy yourself instead.

What You Need

  • Money
  • Patience
  • Five hours on Sunday

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