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Superstitions and luck in Las Vegas


Are you superstitious? Some of us will not admit to such a thing, but we tend to be a little nuts when it comes to luck. I have no problem explaining my battles with superstition; I just have a problem with people thinking I’m crazy.

My wife thinks that in order to win in Las Vegas you need to dress nice when you gamble. She always needs to look her best when rolling the bones. I on the other hand will wear the same set of clothing for three days straight if I’m on a hot streak.

Believe me, when you walk down to the casino and you have a bit of an odor to you, get it out in the open immediately. Tell the people at the table that you’re on a hot streak and you can’t change your clothes. The stories come out of the woodwork. If you gamble, you believe in luck and you certainly believe in superstitions.

You say you have a rabbit’s foot in your pocket, well, I hate to be the one that tells you this but chances are you are carrying around the wrong foot. If your foot is not the left hind foot of a rabbit killed at the full moon by a cross-eyed person then it is worthless, get that dirty thing out of your pants.

Superstitions remain in our lives on a daily basis. In Las Vegas, Binions the Horseshoe has good luck in its name. All you have to do is find a horseshoe. If you find one and the open space is facing you, guess what? Luck is coming your way. You will have to find one of these things and in Las Vegas it might be a bit hard to find one on Las Vegas Blvd.

What if you break a mirror in your room? Seven years of bad luck. That can’t be good. Here is what you do. Grab the pieces and launch them into a stream, but you must be careful not to look at your reflection in the stream. If you can’t find water, you must crush the pieces of the mirror so fine that no one can ever look at them selves through the mirror again. The bad luck is reversed.

I have the remedy for walking under a ladder. Next time you see that ladder race to it and walk under it because if you cross your fingers you’ll be fine. Don’t plan on finding any ladders in Las Vegas, I have tried to find one but couldn’t. I have always wanted to complain to the front desk about losing because of a ladder in the lobby. It still hasn’t happened.

There is quite a few different superstitions out there and numerous ways to reverse your fortune, ultimately, have fun and you will feel as if luck is on your side.

If not thing else, superstitions get me out of showering every now and then. Can’t complain about that.

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