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Fact or Fiction in Las Vegas

Stories from the Las Vegas story tellers


When the Excalibur opened I can remember a rumor that was circulated about a body being found in the box spring of one of the guest rooms. Those stories along with a few stolen kidney stories always seem to pop up in conversations about myths that surround Las Vegas.

I can normally count on getting a few half-truths from the ever reliable cab drivers. It seems that every taxi driver can recount a story of something remarkable happening to them or to one of their co-workers. So I have decided to create a fact or fiction section where I can share some of the stories I have heard over the years. Of course if you have a great story you should share it with the rest of us.

The Swinging Party

This story was told to me by an extremely pleasant taxi driver while going from downtown Las Vegas to the Mandalay Bay. Along for the ride in the taxi were my wife, my two-year-old and my mother. This story unfolded as I asked some simple questions about strip clubs in the area. If I have to talk about naked women for research, it’s only to benefit you, the reader. At least that’s what I tell my wife.

This taxi driver received a call to pick up a fare about fifteen miles outside of town at an exclusive neighborhood. He drives up to the gated mansion only to find the gate will not open, he has to walk up to the door and a voice comes on a loud speaker to ask what he needs. He simply lets them know he is there to pick up a fare and they proceed to open the gate.

He drives his taxi up a very long driveway where he can see some figures running around alongside the driveway. It being dark he is not sure if in fact they are people or animals. As he approaches a large circular driveway in front of the house, the front doors open and he is able to get a glimpse of a wild party going on inside. As he described this, he became a little uncomfortable.

The taxi driver continued, not a single person was wearing clothes, they were milling around naked, on the porch someone was clearly having sex. A man approached his taxi, which by the way is a small minivan that holds five passengers.

The man hands him a one hundred dollar bill and explains that this is an exclusive party and his utmost discretion is desired when describing the fare to anyone. The Taxi driver agrees and the gentleman waves for someone to come out of the house. The door opens and two tall, beautiful women walk toward the taxi in black silk robes. They enter the taxi and sit down. They each smile at the taxi driver and he asks where they want to go. The gentleman interrupts and explains that he is to drive around while they have a little fun. Another gentleman walks out of the house and makes his way to the taxi.

The man tells the taxi driver that this is a fantasy swingers party, your fantasy comes true at this party. This mans fantasy was to have sex in a taxi with two women while on the way to pick up his wife.

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