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Zeke Quezada

New Year's Resolutions Must End!

By January 1, 2013

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Don't do it. Do not under any circumstances burden yourself any more than you have to. Let it go already. Let those New Year's resolutions die. Do you really think you are going to drink less this coming year? Maybe you should but all you need to do is learn to work in the social angle a bit more. Do you really want to stop kissing strange people? No. So, toss that one out immediately. Do you think that less vacation time is going to make you a better worker? No. You'll be stressed. The worse New Year's resolution of them all should be abandoned as well. You will not deprive yourself of good food just to lose a few pounds. You won't do it. You shouldn't do it. I will not let you do it!

You need Las Vegas to save you from yourself. You'll thank me son enough but lets get to the important stuff. There are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas to help you curtail your need to adhere to the foolish statements you made on New Year's Eve but you'll have to be smart about it. It's pretty easy, you find a few nightclubs in Las Vegas to dance, mingle and meet strangers who may or may not be out of your league. Your night will start at a lounge or a bar and soon turn into a party. It might sound like everything is happening too fast but I don't want you walking around with the burden of a New Year's resolution. I would not feel okay about sitting back and allowing you to go through that type of stress.

Let's tackle your need to proclaim a war on your midsection. The resolution to lose a few pounds. Really, is nothing sacred? Food. We all need it. We all need good food. Las Vegas is all about very good food and it is a shame that you would think that depriving yourself of that one aspect of the Las Vegas experience would make you happy. It won't. So eat. Find a Las Vegas restaurant that will settle you into your happy place.

Don't you feel better already? None of us need any additional pressure. We just want to be happy right?

Happy New Year!

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