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Zeke Quezada

The Grand Canyon by Motorcycle

By November 30, 2012

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motorcycle Motorcycle are romanticized in my imagination. I always feel cooler in my dreams and what better way to feel like the rebellious youngster of my youth than with a ride on a Harley. I recently went on a tour with Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters and not only did I get to ride on a Harley around the Grand Canyon but I also jumped into a helicopter and did a little sightseeing in a small airplane.

My tour of the Grand Canyon with Papillon was fun but the highlight was the feeling of riding the Harley Davidson Motorcycle through the National Park. Forget that I was able to put on a leather jacket, the wind in my face and bugs in my throat were the real highlight.

The Grand Canyon is one of those places on the planet where you have to sit and stare just to get the full picture. It's deep. It's massive and the history of the earth that is told through the rock layers is fascinating. The Colorado River travels through the rock for millions of years and slowly moves mountains to the Gulf of California and we are left with a giant hole in the ground. Fly over it in a helicopter and you'll get a sense for how steep the canyon walls are and ride around it on a motorcycle and you realize just how large the National Park is.

Papillon runs tours every day and you can fly, drive, or ride to get to the Grand Canyon. I took a small airplane, then jumped into a helicopter and then rode a Harley. The options are endless.

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