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Zeke Quezada

Da Vinci: Genius or Know It All?

By November 17, 2012

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da Vinci If you have kids I'm sure you've been asked to make something. Anything. "Papa can you make a sling shot that can fire through metal but not harm a person" or " Papa, what if you made ice that never melted so we could play hockey in the summer". It's natural, right. Only, Leonardo da Vinci actually attempted to create stuff. We all know him as the guy who painted the curiusly hot woman we refer to as Mona Lisa. (I'm the only one that is attracted to her?) He also painted "The Last Supper", go ahead and run downstairs and if you're catholic you might have that piece hanging on your wall.

Da Vinci was a renaissance guy. He was the guy with the ideas and he wrote them down, sketched them or told others about them. This guy had some serious talent and you could say he was a genius. These days the term gets tossed around quite liberally but da Vinci truly thought outside the box. He was the guy who you would invite over and he could have a conversation about anything and then sketch out a solution. That is the definition of a genius. Or a know-it-all.

Take a look at Da Vinci - The Genius at the Venetian and make up your own mind about his talents. Frankly, I see a little bit of da Vinci in my own behaviors. My problem is that the major issues I'm dealing with are centered around trash compactors and remote controlled helicopters that keep getting caught in the trees. Now though January you can take a good look at just what the guy was thinking about in Da Vinci - The Genius at the Venetian.

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