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100 Days of Summer in Las Vegas

Monday June 2, 2014

LVsignSummer means long days at the pool and the uncomfortable feeling of realizing that you should have used more sunscreen as the day wore on. Next time, for every drink you have make sure to agree to a new application of that sun block. In order to help you keep your Las Vegas summer in control I have come up with a few suggestions on how to have fun in and around the Las Vegas strip. There is something to do each and everyday of the summer so just in case you decide to quit your job and camp out on Las Vegas boulevard I have you covered.

100 Days of Fun This Summer in Las Vegas

If you can't wait for a daily suggestion you can just go in and find what you want to do and then ignore the rest of my suggestions. If you happen to have a few wise choices of your own feel free to send them to me. Maybe I'll include them at the end of the summer when everyone else in the country is looking for sweaters and everyone in Las Vegas is still sitting by the pool.


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It's A Good Day For The Mob Museum In Las Vegas

Sunday June 1, 2014

mob museum
When you stand outside of the Mob Museum you almost feel like you might be in trouble. You get the feeling that there is some impending doom on the horizon. The building is intimidating. This former federal courthouse is the site where the Kefauver hearings on organized crime were held in 1950 and today it has held on to all of its "charm" from those days. You'll see the courtroom and the exhibits but take a little extra time to walk though the stairwells and corridors and try to imagine the stories that these walls could tell if only they could talk. Or if they were wearing a wire...Read More

More Ideas On Things To Do Las Vegas?


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Going Healthy In Vegas? Yes, If You STAY WELL at MGM Grand Las Vegas

Saturday May 31, 2014

stay well mgmLas Vegas does not have to be about endless cocktails and overindulgence in hearty meals and never ending mingling with very pretty strangers...well, truthfully, it does have to be about that. Why else would you go to Las Vegas? However, your body should not suffer because of your bad habits so treat yourself well by staying well at the MGM Grand Las Vegas in a STAY WELL room.

Circadian dimmable bedside lighting plus a Vitamin C shower infusion and a water filtration system and almonds! That is all you need to feel so comfortable that you sleep longer and leave Las Vegas more relaxed than ever. You have to believe me when I say that the STAY WELL rooms at MGM Grand Las Vegas will allow you to sleep better than you ever thought possible in a Las Vegas hotel. I'll admit I was skeptical the first time I tried out the rooms. Really, are lights going to help me sleep through the night? All I can tell you is that the combination of extra features in these rooms designed to meet the needs of guests with an "appetite for a healthier, wellness-oriented travel experience" actually work.

Do the almonds make me sleep better? No, but I do enjoy that the mini-bar has some healthy alternatives to my otherwise unhealthy lifestyle. The MGM Grand has recently decided to expand the original 42 STAY WELL rooms to 171 and will now encompass the entire 14th floor. Now all I have to do is see if I like the STAY WELL rooms more than the Sky Lofts. (It's called research, I'm not enjoying myself while taking long naps after my spa treatments.)

If you need to be bad while at MGM Grand let me suggest too much sushi at Shibuya or too much pampering at Joel Robuchon or a few too many beers at PUB 1842.



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Five Ways To Rid Yourself Of Stress In Las Vegas

Friday May 30, 2014

Kids, jobs, parents and you hockey team can all lead to stress and trying to get that stiffness in your neck to go away can be a challenge unless you employ my easy five steps to rid yourself of worry in Las Vegas. I should note this stress relieving program is not for everyone. If you love to gamble you might find that going to Las Vegas makes you more stressed, in fact, if that is your issue you may have to choose...Read more


5 Reasons To Visit The Mandalay Bay Hotel In Las Vegas

Thursday May 29, 2014
mandalay bay Capturing relaxation is all I really need from a vacation so I could easily spend all day in bed at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. Sure, a spa treatment and a good meal would make it better but how much motivation do we need to decide on a Las Vegas vacation. Frankly, I can grab a bag and be in a Las Vegas hotel in a matter of moments but how much temptation do you need? Take a look at these 5 Reasons To Visit The Mandalay Bay Hotel In Las Vegas and then let me know if you need more ideas on where to stay in Las Vegas.

If you don't always have an urge to be in Las Vegas you might want to check your pulse or see a doctor because that is not normal.

Finding a Hotel in Las Vegas:

  • Where to stay in Las Vegas - This page will help you narrow down your choices when trying to select the right Las Vegas hotel.
  • Luxury Las Vegas Hotel - I love a real nice hotel. The towels are fluffy and the beds practically kidnap you.
  • Non-Gaming Hotels - If you need a hotel but you don't need a casino these hotels work great and they are all on the Las Vegas strip.
  • Family Friendly Las Vegas Hotels - Take the kids to Vegas but keep them in a spot where they can have the most fun. The kid friendly hotels are perfect for that. How do I know that? I have two kids who were forced to spend plenty of time in these places.
  • Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas - Saving money in Las Vegas does not mean you have to stay in a dump. These hotels will make you happy and save you some cash.
  • Pictures of Las Vegas Hotel rooms - Need to see the rooms before you check in? Me too.

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3 Places To Say "I Do" In Las Vegas

Wednesday May 28, 2014


Las Vegas is a great place to get married because it is easy and inexpensive to commit to someone in front of a person that can make it official, just don't do it after midnight with someone you just met. Getting married outdoors is also a real good alternative and there are no shortages of chapels on the Las Vegas strip. However, where do you go to propose marriage? What one spot will make it very special when you ask your very own special someone to marry you? I have a few ideas...Read More


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5 Things Everyone Is Asking About Las Vegas

Tuesday May 27, 2014

vegas downotwn sign
Everyday I answer questions about Las Vegas from readers around the world looking to maximize their time in on the strip. It is probably the best part of my job. The ability to help people find the right things to do or to customize their Las Vegas vacation is the icing on the cake to an already unbelievable job that has me sampling food from the best chefs in the world, experiencing world class entertainment and relaxing with endless spa treatments! Let's not forget all the great hotels, the hand crafted cocktails and the tours and excursions that make up the plethora of things to do in Las Vegas and you can guess that I am the luckiest guy in the world...Read more

Photograph by Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc

The Best Pool in Las Vegas?

Monday May 26, 2014

Caesars PoolMy idea of the best pool in Las Vegas is usually the place where I feel very fuzzy late in the afternoon and I struggle to get out of my lounge chair. The sun shines the entire day, the drinks come regularly and they have some decent food so I never have to leave the edge of the water. Of course I concern myself with the people who spend time in the water and the length of time I can float on some inflatable raft without getting blasted by a cannonball, but it's really about how close I can come to forgetting most everything and really relax.

So what is your idea of the best pool in Las Vegas? Let us know.

A few of my best pools in Las Vegas:


Photograph by Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc

Hungry? The Guide to Food in Las Vegas

Sunday May 25, 2014

Tetsu at Aria Las Vegas

I will not waste your time with flowery language about the passing of seasons and the introduction of new ingredients and the transformation that is going on inside the kitchens on the Las Vegas strip. You want to eat! You want to eat right now!

Step One: 100 Places To Eat in Las Vegas - There are more than 100 and you will find something for everyone on this huge list of places to eat in Las Vegas. Cheap, expensive, formal or casual this could be the only list of restaurants you need however, I plenty more to make you even hungrier.

Step Two: - The Best Restaurants in Las Vegas - When you really only need a list of what I consider the very best in Las Vegas this is the list you need.

Step Three: - Breakfast in Las Vegas - Most important meal of the day? In Las Vegas it's the meal you have right before bed.

Step Four: - Eating Cheap in Las Vegas - Save some money eat a lot and then head back to the blackjack tables.

Step Five: - Steak in Vegas - If you need beef this is where you head.

Step Six: - Tacos in Las Vegas - Cheap, good and convenient. What else do you need?

Step Seven: - Burgers in Las Vegas - I should add beer to the title because you'll definitely have a beer with your burger and there are a lot of burgers in Las Vegas.

Starving yet?


Photograph by Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc

You, Me And A Virtual Tour Of Las Vegas

Saturday May 24, 2014

vegas sign
Welcome to Las Vegas. I love the sign. I love the feeling of landing on the Las Vegas strip with so much excitement and anticipation. I love the feeling of walking in to a casino and listening the sounds of bells and sirens and people getting excited about rolling a hard eight. I love the faint smell of cigarette or the way the free drinks burn my throat. I love the way the music in the clubs throb in my chest. I love the cool feel of the water as I step into a swimming pool. I love the smell of a good burger washed down with a good beer at a Las Vegas bar.

Did I get you excited about Las Vegas yet?

Take a tour of Las Vegas

Once you are done figuring out how you can possibly call in sick to get away to Las Vegas check out a few more ways to have fun in Las Vegas.

Where You Should Go In Las Vegas?

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