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Is It Summer Yet? Plan A Las Vegas Vacation!

The View from the Cosmopolitan Hotel Rooms

Las Vegas for a day or Las Vegas for a week, whatever you decide there are so many options that you will need a Las Vegas expert to help guide you through the endless options of things to do on the Las Vegas strip. You found the right spot to get all the information you need for an outstanding Las Vegas vacation.

Plan That Las Vegas Vacation
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Vegas Secret Spot Of The Week: Feeling Electric

Wednesday April 23, 2014
mobchair.JPG If you are a history buff you will appreciate this spot. You'll learn so much about not only Las Vegas history but about law enforcement and national events that you'll find yourself wandering the halls of this attraction longer than you thought possible. Nearby affordable food and lodging options are abundant and there is no better place to find out about " Old School" Vegas than this part of town. Can you guess where this week's Vegas secret spot is?...Read more

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Why Do You Go To Las Vegas?

Tuesday April 22, 2014

Las Vegas
Explain the decision to go to Las Vegas. What happens to you when you decide you're going to Las Vegas? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and scream "Vegas!" or do you secretly sit in your cubicle and plan the trip everyday for two weeks? Do you get in your car headed for the grocery store only to end up at a Las Vegas pool drinking mojitos with complete strangers? What happens that makes you head to Las Vegas?

For me, I usually will start dreaming of a destination. I'll think about the drinks I can have at Comme Ca at the Cosmopolitan with a view of the Las Vegas strip and my new found friends. I'll want to lounge on the prestige level at Palazzo Las Vegas before a meal at Carnevino. I'll get excited about seeing Penny Pibbets at Absinthe at Caesars Palace with the thought that maybe she'll just make eye contact with me and let me touch her puppets. I'll fantasize about the food at American Fish at ARIA and the possibility of one day mastering the art of cooking a fish in a bag.

Just like that I need to spend some time lost in the world that is Las Vegas.

Why do you do it?

Photo by Luke Quezada

Las Vegas Weather: Pool Season in Las Vegas

Monday April 21, 2014

Caesars Pool

Abdominal muscles are overrated. That's right, I said it, I'm not ashamed, I don't spend enough time in the gym, I have too much wine and I always order dessert. Just because I indulge does not mean that I will not be busting out my manhandles by the pool this summer. Maybe I won't look like the hottest guy at Rehab or Wet Republic or Liquid but I can guarantee you that I can cannonball with the best of them at the Flamingo, the Tropicana and Mirage. I'll also have my share of mojitos at the Mandalay Bay, the extra large ones at Caesars and even order one of those not so good ones at the Palazzo. (I kidd because I care, I'm sure Palazzo fixed that problem with the rude bartender at the pool who could not believe that she made a poor drink) You see pool season in Las Vegas is that time of the year when you embrace the Las Vegas weather and you work with what you get. Spend more time in the water, a little time in the shade or on a raft in a lazy river, whatever you choose you will be having a good time in Las Vegas!

Is there a right time to go to Las Vegas? Is it too hot? Is it too cold? I'll tell you that there is no wrong time to go to Las Vegas, but if you are planning on sitting by the pool and you want a least average temperature in the 70's your best months for good weather in Las Vegas are between April and October. Of course, the exceptions to that are if you are leaving the Great White North and minus 7 temperature and you find yourself in Las Vegas on a day in February when it's 64, if feels like summer to you.

As summer approaches you should know what the weather in Las Vegas is like before you plan your trip. Don't be alarmed by the warm temperature in July, the drinks are cool and the water is refreshing in the shallow end of the pool. Also, everywhere you go the climate controlled air will keep your body temperature right at that point where you think you might need a sweater.

The weather in the warm months in Las Vegas

  • May Weather in Las Vegas - Perfect golf weather with average highs in the 80's
  • June Weather in Las Vegas - Pool weather with averages in the low 100's, evenings are perfect for walking along the Las Vegas strip
  • July Weather in Las Vegas - I won't lie, it's hot, but it's a dry heat. Personally, this is my favorite time of the year, prices are lower, the pools have plenty of action and naps in the middle of the day make sense.
  • August Weather in Las Vegas - Highs are still in the hundreds but by now the temperatures for you back home are bad so at least you have a cool pool with shaded cabanas to hang out in.
  • September Weather in Las Vegas - If you don't have children this is the best time to visit Las Vegas. The kids are no longer at the pool but the mid 90's temperatures are perfect for longer days with a drink in your hand and your body in the water.

  • October still has some great pool days and the weather begins to look like a Las Vegas interpretation of Fall. Don't expect any major changes unless you walk into the Bellagio Gardens.

    Photograph by Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc

Why You Would Choose The Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas

Sunday April 20, 2014


So what is the best hotel in Las Vegas? That is a question with no real right answer, but what is the best hotel in Las Vegas for you? That's easier.

I will often tell people my favorite is Palazzo Resort and Casino. The factors that help me with this decision are also the reason I can come up with a different hotel every week that tops my list but it is pretty simple. Elegant rooms, more than enough food options, nightlife that helps define Las Vegas and a pool area that relaxes me. I didn't even mention Canyon Ranch Spa or the shopping options.

Palazzo Resort and Casino - I can tell you all about the Prestige level at Palazzo and you'll be in love with this hotel. I'll tell you that the beef at Carnevino is the best on the Las Vegas strip. I'll also explain that Canyon Ranch Spa will take you to a level of relaxation that you cannot comprehend.

Why it's One of the Best Hotels in Las Vegas

Palazzo Resort and Casino


Check out the rest of my picks for best hotel in Las Vegas and see if you agree.

Do You Need Even More Las Vegas Hotel Information


Photograph by Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc

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